About Me

My name is Marijana and I was born in Serbia, back on 27/07/1983.

I am a qualified lecturer of Special Education Needs Students, who have worked with colleges throughout the UK and helped students choose appropriate career paths. I have found freedom from 9 to 5 by starting an online business with no products of my own. I am also a dedicated mum committed to my own personal growth through daily practice and my own life experience. I am passionate about mums leadership and pioneering the role of women in the future.

During my studies I joined a network marketing company; unfortunately, I could not cope and needed a break from it all; I found that respite in a teaching opportunity in London while I was finishing several courses to expand my knowledge and profile. During my teaching career, I have also completed several courses: Internet Diploma course, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Facebook course. As part of my education, I am also learning British Sign Language. I enjoy books and courses that enhance mindset and self-development.

When I had my daughter I decided not to go back to work and stay with daughter as much as I can. This was all possible for me with a Step by step Mini – Course Training Series that showed me how to create a successful online business with no product of my own. I was determinate, dedicated and committed to achieving the highest level of results not only for myself also for my daughter. I benefited tremendously from my work on personal development and I made a great success in my career.

I am a co-author of a book TIME TO RISE and it was launched in December 2017. It is my life story and my personal message about how women can embrace motherhood while pursuing a business. My story is among a select group of heart-inspired change-makers like me, who have decided that now is their time to rise, to share and to shine so that the world becomes a happier, healthier place.
Here are just a few of confirmed authors who joined me on this journey:
Deri Llewellyn-Davies
Sólveig Þórarinsdóttir
Dr Janet Anthony
Missy Crutchfield
Joana Soares
Lorena Plæhn
Dr Andrea Pennington


Do you want to quit your job, work from home and have more freedom? Have you heard about Affiliate marketing but have no idea how to get started, what products to promote for the best chance of success or if it’s even right for you? Book your ticket here to see me live on the stage sharing step by step in Affiliate Marketing.

To succeed in this business all that is needed is a laptop with an internet connection, the ability to follow directions, a dedicated work ethic and patience as nothing worth building happens overnight. These experiences and the education I have thought have fuelled my desire to share my expertise and knowledge to help as many people as possible break down the barriers that hinder their success.


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